Welcome to the 'Discover' section! Here you will find insights into the fascinating studies undertaken by our StreetLife researchers.

StreetLife examined the history and heritage of Coney Street, also aiming to inform its present and future. From medieval guilds to the Second World War blitz, from early printing to modern musical heritage, we hope you find something interesting here. Our research may even jog a memory you have of Coney Street.

From Lead to Laser: Printing Technology and the Coney Street Press

Kathy Davies
By 1900, York had three main newspapers, two of which were printed on Coney Street. Explore the street's rich printing history, which began as early as 1730.

Project Theme: History and Heritage

Kate Giles
Coney Street is ‘The King’s Street’, one of the oldest and most important streets in the city of York. Discover how the History and Heritage theme of the StreetLife York project will explore this fascinating history.

Project Theme: Music

Rachel Cowgill
Music has been a vital part of the Coney Street soundscape for centuries. Learn how our researchers are exploring the sounds and images of the street and tracing the echoes of Coney Street's musical past.

Project Theme: Print and Letterpress

Helen Smith
From 1510 to 2022 and beyond: printing in York has a long history. The Print theme of the StreetLife project will bring letterpress printing back to Coney Street and investigate the area's rich print past.