Be Mindful in Distraction

Monday 23rd May 2022 - Thursday 26th May 2022 29-31 Coney Street
Naomi Perera


Naomi Perera thrives when pushing the boundaries of the expected, and in this project is experimenting with staying focused and present in more vibrant or chaotic performance spaces. Learning to shift her expectations of a silent audience, to accept and welcome the unexpected, not to categorise sounds as good or bad but to accept them all as valid, has its roots in mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is an awareness of the present moment without judgement or attachment, leading to enhanced attention, curiosity, and acceptance. 

A new piece by award winning Yorkshire based composer Ben Gaunt is at the centre of the project. Ben has been incorporating mindfulness techniques into his compositional practice by asking his performers and audience to be present ‘in the moment’. Although the original piece is 5 minutes, each performance takes 45, as Naomi plays through, records, and repeats in evolving or disintegrating loops. Naomi will also record and playback live the sound of each space, meaning the audience and the surrounding atmosphere make each performance unique; how does the sound of a coffee morning compare to a gallery or a shop window? 

Visitors can expect an informal, relaxed atmosphere with a chance to be present. They can engage with the performance in whatever way they feel; move around, chat and see it as background music, or sit down and more actively engage, practicing mindfulness using the music as an anchoring point. How they participate, and the ambient sounds they make, will alter the performance each day. Visitors are also invited to choose how long they attend for each day, as moving in and out of the space is welcome. 


Monday 23rd May at 12:30 – in the groundfloor workshop area of the Hub

Tuesday 24th at 12:30 – The Spurriergate Center 

Wednesday 25th at 12:30 – in the groundfloor changing rooms of the Hub

Thursday 26th at 12:30 – in the Hub window



Naomi Perera has played extensively throughout Europe, in venues ranging from warehouses to concert halls, and collaborated with composers, dancers and creative artists. This sense of adventure and exploration of the unknown directly translates into her artistic endeavours, with her music characterised by risk and improvisatory flair. She pushes the limits of the flute through unexpected extended techniques; bringing an experimental sonic trajectory to her work that carefully straddles the line between accessible and avante garde.  Her research at the University of York focuses on performing contemporary flute music in alternative contexts.


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