Build Your Own Festival

Wednesday 22nd June 2022, 7:30pm – 8:30pm 29-31 Coney Street
Mary Agnes Krell talks about building your own festival.


Building a Festival:

In this participatory workshop, Professor Mary Agnes Krell will lift the lid on what it takes to plan, build and run festivals. Everyone is welcome. Mary has over two decades of experience in music, theatre, film and even ukulele festivals in the UK and North America.

About Mary:

Mary is a Professor of Creative Media at Sussex University. She is also the Director of the award-winning Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. Mary was the founding director of the Sussex Festival of Ideas. She is on the board of the Hebden Bridge Film Festivals. During the 1990s, Mary was involved in two editions of the London International Festival of Theatre. She has taken part in and advised festivals in Finland, Germany, the UK, Australia, the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

Booking information

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