Chinese Opera Creative Workshop

Thursday 15th June 2023, 3:00pm - 4:00pm 29-31 Coney Street
Chinese opera


This project is the Chinese Opera Creative Workshop, aimed at promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese opera among a wider audience. The workshop consists of three main components:

Firstly, there will be a performance of the Yu Opera adaptation of "Hua Mulan" (a character that many people may be familiar with from the Disney animation). Secondly, participants will receive basic instruction in traditional Chinese opera music, where they will learn to sing a phrase from the Yu Opera adaptation of "Hua Mulan." Lastly, there will be an engaging interactive experience with the elegant Chinese opera long sleeves. Participants will have the opportunity to wear specially prepared long sleeves and learn some fundamental movements. Building upon these basic movements, they will be encouraged to unleash their creativity and create new gestures with the long sleeves to express their feelings, emotions, and ideas.

This workshop is open to all, throughout the workshop, participants will also have the chance to listen to traditional Chinese music, experience Chinese musical instruments, and immerse themselves in the culture of another country. This holistic experience aims to enhance their sense of happiness and fulfillment, while also providing an opportunity to appreciate the richness of different cultures.

About your workshop host

Jiabao Shang is a community musician pursuing a dual degree in Community Music the University of York and Arts Management at the China Conservatory of Music. She is also a Chinese opera performer and a member of both the Henan Film and Television Association and the Henan Dramatists Association. With extensive experience in Yu Opera performance and arts management, Jiabao Shang brings a wealth of expertise to his artistic pursuits.


Booking information

Tickets are free but limited. Please book via the link below.


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