The Official Gazetteer Listening Tour of York

Meeting and soundwalk
Saturday 14th May 2022, 10am - 12:30pm 29-31 Coney Street
An old coloured map of York.


The Official Gazetteer Listening Tour is a piece created by York composer Trevor Wishart to experience environmental and human made sound in a new way. With Ben Eyes as our tour guide we will be collecting sound on an immersive sonic tour of Medieval York, encountering unusual sounds, drones and found melodies on the way.

Once collected these sounds will be sorted, processed and spatialised to be played back the following day for a group listening session using the amazing sixteen Channel ambisonic sound system in the Rymer Auditorium at the Department of Music.

Presented as part of York New Music Weekend – The Garden of Earthly Delights: Trevor Wishart at 75.

Necessary equipment
Mobile Phone or tablet running a sound recording app capable of recording in WAV format or handheld Portable Recorder.

Suggested recording apps
Android: Auphonic - free on play store
Apple: Voice Recorder

Booking information

This event is free to attend, but requires booking. 15 places available. Note this sound tour will be suitable for older children accompanied by an adult.


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