Pieces of Depression

Listen, discuss and explore Ewan East’s interpretation of mental health issues through his new album Pieces of Depression.
Saturday 3rd December 2022, 1:00pm - 4:00pm 29-31 Coney Street
Pieces of Depression album by Ewan East


Ewan will be performing, improvising and providing opportunities to discuss his work and experience, aiming to create conversations around mental health, and the positivity that can be reached when seeking new ventures. Pieces of Depression portrays Ewan’s own experience with depression. This musical representation of different symptoms of depression aims to encourage conversations on mental health. Although each piece is linked to certain symptoms or themes, this is merely the composers interpretation. If a performer or listener finds a different understanding or relationship to each piece then an exploration, discussion and understanding of mental health is still accomplished


Ewan East is a composer and improviser studying for his PhD at York St John University.

As a musician and parent who has suffered with mental health issues I believe it is incredibly important to provide opportunities to discuss and raise awareness of mental health.

Composing and improvising has long been my emotional output and my clearest form of communication. Pieces of Depression is my own musical interpretation of different symptoms of depression, providing an alternate insight into mental health issues and creating a resource that can hopefully foster conversations on the topics and support peoples understanding of mental health.

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