As part of our research, the StreetLife team have created the following tours to help you explore Coney Street. Take a tour at home on a computer or during a visit to York using a mobile phone.

A clock hangs above a street next to a stone church and brick building.

Coney Street Highlights

Explore Coney Street's fascinating past with our highlights tour.

A composite of images relating to Coney Street's musical past.

Echoes of Coney Street

Explore the echoes of Coney Street's musical past with our multimedia tour!

A composite of animals on the theme of Coney Street animals.

Coney Street Safari

The story of Coney Street is full of animals, some you can still see, some which have disappeared. Explore the animal history of the street and take a walk on the wild side!


Get Creative Trail

This self guided creativity walk will highlight the city of York and guide you through exploring its popular sites as well as some hidden gems! Each stop will have a creative prompt, either a chance to write a poem, short story or create a small drawing! Be sure to post your finished projects online using #creativitytrailyork!

Entrance to the Festival Concert Room from Museum St

York's Historic Music Venues

Showcasing York's varied and historically significant music venues past and present.

Official Anne Lister Rainbow Plaque: 1791-1840 of Shibden Hall Halifax. Lesbian and Diarist: took sacrement here to seal her union with Ann Walker Easter 1834.

A Queer Walk of York

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, we researchers at StreetLife York have been compiling a York LGBTQ+ heritage trail of sites of significance for queer communities.

A digital visualisation of stone houses on 13th century Coney Street.

Jewish York Trail

Discover the stories of Jewish people who have called York their home. This trail explores well-known events, such as the tragedy at Clifford’s Tower, and uncovers lesser-known stories that are sure to enrich your understanding of everyday Jewish life in the past.