Jewish Neighbourhoods

The Jewish Neighbourhoods project seeks to tell a new story about York’s medieval Jewish community, one which dispels myths and challenges preconceptions. Focussing on the Jewish residents of Coney Street in the mid-13th century this is a story of resilience, co-operation and success. Gain an insight into the daily experiences, trade, and culture of those who lived and worked on the street.

Building upon the research conducted as part of the heritage strand of StreetLife, our project aims to present a more diverse narrative of York's past. Collaborating with York's current Jewish communities, we strive to illuminate previously untold stories and provide a fresh perspective on the history of York's Jewish residents.

After the tragic events of 1190 at Clifford's Tower, a resilient group of Jewish individuals returned to York. During the first half of the 13th century, this second Jewish community experienced growth and prosperity. Our project has uncovered new and compelling information, focusing on providing insights into the daily lives of both Jews and Christians during this time period. Additionally, we shed new light on the first medieval Jewish community in York, sharing stories of individuals' lives before the events of 1190.

Our exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time and explore medieval York as a new "stone city" and explore Coney Street during the mid-13th century. Through an interactive virtual reconstruction of the street, visitors can visually experience the physical surroundings, and learn about the dynamics that shaped interactions between different communities during that era.

A walking tour available to access online will expand the story beyond Coney Street and highlight landmarks significant to the Jewish story throughout the city.

Our project aims to enrich our collective understanding of York's past while honouring the lives and contributions of its Jewish residents throughout history.