29-31 Coney St

The building had a stone cellar, with three-storeys of timber-framing above, originally jettied out into the street. Internally, the house was filled with plasterwork, featuring paired mermaids holding shields, some of which featured the arms of Vintners company, as well as religious images such as pelican with her young, roses, pomegranates and pears, and over a second floor-fireplace the latin inscription ‘LAUS DEO’ (‘Praise be to God’).

The discoveries hit the newspaper headlines, with attempts to list the building causing fury from its London owners and dividing public opinion. Eventually, City of York Council found in favour of the developers, and the building was demolished on the condition that elements of its timber-frame, plasterwork, panelling and balusters were carefully removed and stored to the satisfaction of the City Planning Officer.

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