The Little John Pub, 5 Castlegate

YUSU Welfare Officer Bob Hughes remarked: "Although I understand why it has shut, I think it is unfortunate that there aren’t any other specifically LGBT bars in York, but we’ll be working with the local community and local businesses to see if there are other venues and events our students can go to, and we’ll be supporting YUSU LGBT in finding locations for their events in town."
Extract by Ruth Gibson for York Vision, October 11 2011.

"The Little John boasts a 300 year history dating back to the days of Dick Turpin (it's said that his body was laid to rest there), and is now the more livelier of the 2 gay bars in York (the other being the York Arms). The gay/lesbian clientele is admittedly on a 40/60 ratio, but there's always a happy crowd and a buzzing atmosphere.
An online review sent in to icmyhotel

“Lively gay venue, friendly people, excellent jukebox. Got refused any more beer on a friday night as we’d had such a good time here, didn’t realise how drunk we had got!! Best gay bar in York by far.”
BB_and_pumps on Beer in the Evening, 2007