The Pink Pony, 54 Gillygate

The Pink Pony has had many names and identities across the years (Gilly’s, Cert 18, Stereo, Monroe’s, and many more). The pub earned the nickname “Pink Pony” during its time as the Bay Horse for its queer patronage. The York Press reported on the disappointment felt when the venue was remodelled in 2003 to become a hard rock bar. Patrons felt the need for an “exclusively gay venue” in York rather than one which occasionally held gay events:

"They want somewhere that's friendly, comfortable. Somewhere people do not feel they are being taken for a ride and can walk home safely afterwards"

In 2012 as pictured on the prior slide however, the venue existed as the “Pink Pony” officially in name. This came with a cosmetic overhaul of pink painted window frames and arches, as well as a pride flag hanging above the entryway. It was one of the most outwardly visible queer venues of its time. 

Poppycock was an event that generally took place at the Little John pub, but some events were held at the Pink Pony as well. These events raised money for a variety of local charities centered around benefitting LGBTQ+ people, such as the York LGBT Forum, and North Yorkshire AIDS action. Self advertised as “York's highly irregular queer klub night. It's poppy. It's cocky. And a bit gay.” As described on the graphics featured on the event’s Facebook page, Poppycock at the Pink Pony featured non-traditional club music much like the Willow did, favouring cheesy classics, disco, and “gay anthems.”