Flares, 6 Tanner Row

Flares with its iconic purple brick is a nightclub specialising in playing music from the 70s through to the 00s. In 2021, Flares saw regular LGBTQI+ events on Thursdays. As of 2023, Denominate drag nights take place, regularly hosted by the Family Shambles, York’s resident drag family.

Of the Family Shambles, Aiden Newman on The Family Shambles’ Facebook page had to say: 

“I've lived in York for 8 years now and The Family Shambles have managed the impossible - they've created consistent LGBTQ+ spaces and shows for the local community! With no gay bars in York, there has been a real lack of this kind of content but the team have worked tirelessly to create a safe space for young and new talent to hone their craft, create community and all while providing amazing entertainment! Thanks to their hard work, York has become a little more queer friendly and this just shows what amazing work they do.”

Flares is the nightclub of choice for the University of York’s LGBTQ+ society, which hosts a number of its themed club nights there. Flares is now the cheesy music centre of the city, carrying on the spirit of former venues such as the Willow and the Pink Pony.