St Thomas Church, Osbaldwick Lane

As detailed in Good Organisation CIC's discussion of the Spurriergate centre, a discovery was made in the Church of St Thomas in Osbaldwick while undergoing gas work in 2008. A stone slab which read:

“Here lieth the body of Mr. Richard Wright who lived as partner with William Hutchinson, gentlemen of the City of York in Great Union for 35 years. Remarkable for Justice and Fidelity. He died April the 5th A.D 1747 aged 60 years. Here also lieth the body of William Hutchinson Esq. Who departed this life January 5th 1772 Age 89.”

In the research that followed this discovery, Hutchinson’s will was discovered and gave some insight into the man’s life. Never officially married, Hutchinson was an affluent man who owned properties on Coppergate, and left 300 pounds to St Michael's Church on Spurriergate. It was in his will that he requested to be buried alongside Richard Wright.

Eliza Raine, the first love of Anne Lister, is also buried in the cemetery of St Thomas Church in Osbaldwick.