Coding Music and Audio for the Web Workshop 2022

Monday 25th July 2022, 10:00am - 12:00pm 29-31 Coney Street
A portrait of Tom Collins alongside an example coded interface.


This 2 hour workshop will cover how to make your own interactive, web-based musical experience, by exploring and adapting the code behind this example interface:

In the process, you will engage in hands-on learning of music, audio, and JavaScript (p5.js and Tone.js in particular).

Who can attend? Anyone. Kids, grown-ups, all are welcome!

What to bring. If attending in person, please bring a laptop. If attending via Zoom, it would be better to join via laptop/desktop rather than phone/tablet, so you have enough screen size to do some coding yourself.

Pre-requisites. None, but some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript will help.

What to do beforehand (optional). You could make yourself (free) Glitch ( and p5.js ( accounts. It would be good to have some music or audio clips (your own or found) ready to use. We will all find the workshop more interesting and fun if we're working with music that interests you. Freesound ( and BBC Sound Effects ( are good for finding music/audio clips.

Useful resources. The p5.js reference is at and contains helpful documentation and examples.

The audio engine I use to drive my interactive, web-based musical experiences is Tone.js. You'll see it used in the example interface linked above, but you can also check out the Tone.js examples page for inspiration:

Plus the documentation, but it can be a bit terse:

W3Schools, the Mozilla Development Network, and Stack Overflow are also useful resources.



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This event is co-organised by Coding Black Females (

Booking information

In person attendance: Tickets are limited, so please book via Eventbrite, to do so click the Book Now link below and it will take you through to the booking site.

If you wish to attend online rather than in person, no need to book, but please email for the Zoom link.


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