SINGLR with Loré Lixenberg

Is it an app? Is it an opera? It's an APPERA!!
Friday 5th August 2022 - Sunday 7th August 2022 29-31 Coney Street
SINGLR app poster


SINGLR is an opera, where stories are generated by participants meeting via a specially coded dating app, the only perimeter of the dating profile uploaded being the voice.  Participants upload their profile 'pic' which is a sample of their voice. No actual pics are required or allowed, in fact no other information at all is uploaded! You are sent daily voice matches and having located a voice that appeals to you, you can then communicate with that voice, only in vocalisations, as much as you like.  No contact outside the app is allowed as SINGLR is highly chaperoned!


SINGLR has its own inbuilt twitter style feed where the friendly SINGLR operabot will upload regular lessons and tips on vocalisations and all that that entails! There will also be a secret TV channel with more detailed advice on vocalising accessible only to SINGLRS. SINGLRS finally meet at a specially constructed pop-up bar 'THE SINGLR SALON that has strict rules for allowed modes of communication, no speaking is allowed, only sung vocalisations. Electronic music tracks underpin and respond to the unfolding 'conversations'. In an over-ocular age of selfie-filters and extreme cosmetic enhancements, SINGLR asks the question, What is attractive inviting participants to question their own perceptions. SINGLR creates a new operatic form exploring diverse forms of beauty through vocalisation.


SINGLR  is suitable for all adults of every level of singing from total beginners to Beyonce and Pavarotti! SINGLR is for you if you want to connect with like minds through the power of your voice and creativity! If you want to meet someone new or simply connect to other people in the community, SINGLR can be engaged with at any level to suit you!


SINGLR is community-based, fun and free. 


With grateful thanks to The Arts Council England, University of York, National Centre for Early Music, SLAP York, The York Guild of Digital and Media Arts, York Mediale and StreetLife



Loré Lixenberg, leader of The Voice Party (an opera and political party, standing in the UK  2019 election, the only political party you cannot join, it joins you) worked in comedy, physical-theatre and free-improvisation with Simon Munnery, Richard Thomas, Stewart Lee and Complicite. 

Her pieces explore the intersectionality between digital, analogue and participatory worlds and their possibilities for new operatic forms, including  ‘BIRD’, ' PANIC ROOM' (The Singterviews)’, real-time opera installation 'PRET A CHANTER', extended-voice dating app, 'SINGLR' and 'theVoicePartyOperaBotFarm[myFuryIsMyMuse]. Most recently she transcribed and recorded the piano rolls of Conlon Nancarrow for voice, in her project, 'NancarrowKaraoke'. She is currently completing her PhD at York University.

Booking information

Loré will be chatting with Hub visitors and passers-by about her app and showing them how to engage with SINGLR. No booking required, just visit us Friday 5th 3:30-5pm, Saturday 6th 12-5pm or Sunday 7th 12-4pm.


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